[nova][neutron] do not recheck failing nova-next or nova-ovs-hybird-plug failures.

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Thu Jul 7 11:32:43 UTC 2022

hi o/

it looks like neutron recently moved linuxbridge to be experimental
Jul 06 16:21:46.640517 ubuntu-focal-rax-ord-0030301377 neutron-server[90491]: ERROR neutron.common.experimental [-] Feature 'linuxbridge' is
experimental and has to be explicitly enabled in 'cfg.CONF.experimental'

we do not actully deploy it in nova-next or nova-ovs-hybrid-plug but it is enabeld in our job config as one of the configured mech drivers
even if we dont install the agent.

i have not looked up what change in neutron change this yet but im going to propose a patch to nova to disable it and i likely need to fix os-vif too
so if you see a post fialure in either the nova-next of novs hybrid plug jobs (and or look into it and see " die 2385 'Neutron did not start'" in the
Run devstack task summery that is why this is failing.

ill update this thread once we have fixed the issue.

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