[Openstack-Ansible] br-vlan configuration and intended usage?

Dave Hall kdhall at binghamton.edu
Mon Jul 11 16:52:51 UTC 2022

OK.  I think for my plan I would have students (as tennants) access their
private subnets via an IP address on the native VLAN on my switch -
probably via some 10.x.x.x IP address.  I'm using a bonded 10G NIC with
bridges on VLANs for mgmt, storage, and vxlan.  It sounds like I should set
up a bridge on the native VLAN for br-vlan, right?

My apologies, but I'll admit that I haven't quite comprehended the nuances
of OpenStack networking yet, especially regarding external access.  I'm
sure it will soon be as obvious to me as it is to all of you.

(I'll also admit to a fear of having an error in my initial configuration
that ends up being hard to correct.  But, hey, Ansible.  Right?)


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On Mon, Jul 11, 2022 at 3:34 AM Jonathan Rosser <
jonathan.rosser at rd.bbc.co.uk> wrote:

> If you choose to use vxlan for your tenant networks (the default in OSA)
> you would probably be using a vlan for the external provider network.
> This would default to br-vlan, but alternatively can be any interface of
> your choice. With the default configuration br-vlan would need to be
> present on all of your controller (or dedicated network) nodes and carry
> the tagged external vlan from your upstream switches.
> Jonathan.
> On 10/07/2022 07:57, Dmitriy Rabotyagov wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Intended use-case for br-vlan is when you want or need to provide vlan
> networks in the environment.
> As example, we use vlan networks to bring in customers owned public
> networks, as we need to pass vlan from the gateway to the compute nodes,
> and we are not able to set vxlan on the gateway due to hardware that is
> used there.
> At the same time in many environments you might not need using vlans at
> all, as vxlan is what will be used by default to provide tenant networks.
> сб, 9 июл. 2022 г., 23:44 Dave Hall <kdhall at binghamton.edu>:
>> Hello.
>> I'm preparing to do my first deployment (of Yoga) on real hardware.  The
>> documentation regarding br-vlan was hard for me to understand.   Could I
>> get a clarification on what to do with this?
>> Note:  my intended use case is as an academic/instructional environment.
>> I'm thinking along the lines of treating each student as a separate tenant
>> that would be preconfigured with templated set of VMs appropriate to the
>> course content.
>> Any other thoughts regarding this scenario would also be greatly
>> appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> -Dave
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>> Dave Hall
>> Binghamton University
>> kdhall at binghamton.edu
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