openstackclient: booting from image-created volume w/ delete_on_termination

Kurt Garloff openstack at
Wed Jul 6 11:15:38 UTC 2022

Hi openstack CLI wizards,

Having flavors without disks, I want volumes to be created from images 
on the fly that I can boot from.
But I don't want to do bookkeeping for these volumes; they should 
disappear once the server disappears.

On the command line with nova, I can do this:
nova boot --nic net-name=$MYNET --key-name $MYKEY --flavor $MYFLAVOR \

I did not find a way to do this with openstack server create.
Is there one?

Here's what I tried:
--image $MYIMGID --boot-from-volume $MYSIZE
works, except that there is no way to specify delete_on_termination

--block-device-mapping "sda=$MYIMGID:image:$MYSIZE:true"
does complain that no --image or --volume have been passed.
The option does not appear to be used for bootable volumes.

I have seen a BP (merged with Ussuri) that would allow a PUT call to 
update delete_on_termination, but I don't see it usable with the 
openstackclient ... 

Anything obvious I missed?


Kurt Garloff <kurt at>
Cologne, Germany
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