A centralized list of usable vs unusable projects?

Vince Mulhollon vince.mulhollon at springcitysolutions.com
Mon Jul 4 15:33:14 UTC 2022


Can anyone point me to a status board or other format identifying which
projects are uninstallable or unusable perhaps organized by release?
Specifically for Yoga on Kolla-Ansible although "in general" would also be

I have a test cluster, and I'm exercising Yoga using Ubuntu hosts and
Kolla-Ansible, and the online docs imply every project is up and
installable and usable.  However, from my notes so far:  "everyone knows"
Freezer hasn't been installable for many years and requires an
ElasticSearch version from last decade (Every project that uses
ElasticSearch needs a different and incompatible version of ES, honestly
just in general, that's not just an OpenStack phenomena), Murano has been
uninstallable for years AND hard crashes all of Horizon if you try to
install it, Monasca has been uninstallable for around a year, as near as I
can tell, due to a crash loop in the log persister, every Watcher container
crash loops for no apparent reason after every Kolla-Ansible installation,
although I recently hand installed Watcher on a separate Yoga cluster and
it "worked" or at least didn't crash loop, I will research this in more
detail and add/update issues and storyboards.  The docs claim Magnum works
great with Docker Swarm and I have a specific enduser application for Swarm
so I set up Magnum successfully, then learned "everyone knows" that Magnum
doesn't actually work for Docker Swarm, so I was very annoyed at that.  I
haven't even tried Ceilometer-and-related on Yoga, although if Monasca is
dead maybe I should add it to the testing plan.  The vast majority of
projects do "just work" which is super awesome of course.

My point is, I can't find a status board type of page, or any sort of
centralized list, it seems like it would be incredibly useful, so I'm
making my own list of what works, and what does not work, for my own use,
and I'd feel silly if there's already some service or page or dashboard
implementing this effort that I couldn't find.

I'd certainly contribute data toward such a status page, as I'm running
tests on my test cluster anyway, may as well share the results.

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