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Hello all,

Eric xie has been actively contributing to Cyborg in various areas, adding new features, improving quality, reviewing patches. Despite the relatively short time, he has been one of the most prolific contributors, and brings an enthusiastic and active mindset. I would like to thank and acknowledge him for his steady valuable contributions, and propose him as a core reviewer for Cyborg.


Some of the currently listed core reviewers have not been participating for a lengthy period of time. It is proposed that those who have had no contributions for the past 18 months – i.e. no participation in meetings, no code contributions, not participating in Cyborg open source activities and no reviews – be removed from the list of core reviewers.

-- The Cyborg team recognizes everyone's contributions, but we need to ensure the activity of the core-reviewer list. If you are interested in rejoining the cyborg team, feel free to ping us to restore the core reviewer for you.


If no objections are made known by January 24, I will make the changes proposed above..



Brin Zhang


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