Mathilde Hermet mathilde.hermet at ovhcloud.com
Mon Feb 28 08:45:47 UTC 2022

Hello Openstack team,

I'm currently working on customizing the Horizon (xena) dashboard to use 
the OVHcloud assets: logo.svg and logo-splash.svg.

I've been following this documentation 

I added the ovhcloud theme in 
horizon/openstack_dashboard/local/local_settings.py in AVAILABLE_THEMES,

I created the subdir ovhcloud in horizon/openstack_dashboard/themes and 
I created a ovhcloud/img with logo.svg and logo-splash.svg in it.

I put a _variables.scss and a _styles.scss in /themes/ovhcloud/

Then I executed python manage.py collectstatic

It put all the files in horizon-sources/horizon.../static/themes/ovhcloud

But then when trying to connect with the session cookie 
theme="ovhcloud", I have a 500 error.

i don't think it comes from images because i've been puting it in 
/horizon-souurces/horizon.../static/dashbaord.img and they were 
displayed correctly.

Do you have any idea about the misconfiguration I've done ?

Best regards,

Mathilde Hermet

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