[api=sig][i18n][infra][tc] Cleaning up more defunct mailing lists

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Fri Feb 25 14:41:53 UTC 2022

>   * openstack-sos


> I'd like to clean them up by removing their list configurations, but
> leaving any public archives intact. Are there any objections? Should
> any of the above have future messages redirected to a different list
> (though since they haven't had any for years, that's probably
> unnecessary)?

Yes, please, I had asked for -sos to be deleted years ago. FWIW, there
were less than ten mails ever sent to that list, and they were all about
non-openstack things that are long out of date. I'd say no point in
keeping the archives, unless it's more work to handle differently from
the others.


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