oslo.messaging integration development

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Mon Feb 14 16:32:23 UTC 2022

First off I will note that we've had very bad luck in the past with 
non-rabbit drivers getting traction either with developers or operators. 
Most of them have bit-rotted and been removed at this point.

That said, we do have a list of requirements for oslo.messaging drivers 
in the documentation: 

We realize those are non-trivial to achieve for a new driver, so in 
discussions about other drivers we've pursued the option of developing 
the new driver out of tree as either a third-party library or a feature 
branch in oslo.messaging. For NATS[0] we ended up going with a feature 
branch, although to my knowledge that hasn't really gone anywhere (see 
above about having bad luck with this sort of thing).

The other unfortunate reality is that we've lost the messaging experts 
who would ideally have reviewed a new driver. Working in a feature 
branch that doesn't affect the released library mitigates this somewhat 
because issues can be worked out without affecting production 
deployments, but unfortunately it is an obstacle.

That said, if someone were to develop a new driver that would probably 
go a long way toward making them a messaging expert so this might be a 
good way to replenish our talent pool in this area. :-)

I don't want to discourage anyone from writing a new driver (I think 
everyone would love to get rid of rabbit), but before starting down that 
path I think it's important to understand that there is a lot of inertia 
behind rabbit and messaging is a complex topic. This is not a project 
that will take a few weeks. Even a few months is a stretch. You're going 
to need a rock solid driver implementation and then be able to show that 
it's enough better than rabbit to convince people to switch.

So, if after all this doom and gloom you still want to move forward, 
feel free to write up a spec similar to the NATS one and we can get you 
a feature branch or repo to work in.

0: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/oslo-specs/+/692784

On 2/13/22 20:54, liyang wrote:
> Hi  everyone,
>      I find Apache Pulsar is very popular in MQ area, especially in 
> clound native area. Is there any body integrate this MQ to oslo.messaging?
>      Said to the truth. RabbitMQ developed in Erlang has very little 
> source code level material, Qpid has very little operation practice in 
> the internet. Kafka only support notification in oslo.messaging.
>      I think the Apache Pulsar  is clound native based. It may enforece 
> the big scale in extension about Openstack deployment.

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