oslo.messaging integration development

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Mon Feb 14 11:22:18 UTC 2022

On 2/14/22 03:54, liyang wrote:
> Hi  everyone,
>      I find Apache Pulsar is very popular in MQ area, especially in 
> clound native area. Is there any body integrate this MQ to oslo.messaging?
>      Said to the truth. RabbitMQ developed in Erlang has very little 
> source code level material, Qpid has very little operation practice in 
> the internet. Kafka only support notification in oslo.messaging.
>      I think the Apache Pulsar  is clound native based. It may enforece 
> the big scale in extension about Openstack deployment.

Between Erlang and Java, I very much prefer that Java stays away from my 
clusters. We already have Zookeeper and I'd very much love to get rid of 
it (but no choice...).

Isn't there any better implementation of message queuing somewhere?!?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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