[kolla-ansible][mariadb]error (galera cluster problem ?)

Franck VEDEL franck.vedel at univ-grenoble-alpes.fr
Fri Feb 4 16:47:10 UTC 2022

I am in an emergency situation, quite catastrophic situation because I do not know what to do.

I have an Openstack cluster with 3 servers (serv1, serv2, serv3). He was doing so well…

A network admin came to me and told me to change an MTU on the cards. I knew it shouldn't be done...I shouldn't have done it.
I did it.
Of course, it didn't work as expected. I went back to my starting configuration and there I have a big problem with mariadb which is set up on serv1 and serv2.

Here are my errors:

2022-02-04 17:40:36 0 [ERROR] WSREP: failed to open gcomm backend connection: 110: failed to reach primary view: 110 (Connection timed out)
	 at gcomm/src/pc.cpp:connect():160
2022-02-04 17:40:36 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs_core.cpp:gcs_core_open():209: Failed to open backend connection: -110 (Connection timed out)
2022-02-04 17:40:36 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs.cpp:gcs_open():1475: Failed to open channel 'openstack' at 'gcomm://,': -110 (Connection timed out)
2022-02-04 17:40:36 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs connect failed: Connection timed out
2022-02-04 17:40:36 0 [ERROR] WSREP: wsrep::connect(gcomm://, failed: 7
2022-02-04 17:40:36 0 [ERROR] Aborting

I do not know what to do. My installation is done with kolla-ansible, mariadb docker restarts every 30 seconds.

Can the "kolla-ansible reconfigure mariadb" command be a solution?
Could the command "kolla-ansible mariadb recovery" be a solution?

Thanks in advance if you can help me.


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