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Hi Michael,

Ubuntu 20.04, OpenStack Xena, OpenStack-Ansible 24.0.1 (https://docs.openstack.org/openstack-ansible/xena/) and Ceph Pacific is a good combo.

Enjoy !


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Hi All:

I am kind of new to Openstack and want to setup openstack learning env or lab at home.

I have 3 HP MicroServers g8 with 16GB RAM and 5 HP MicroServers g7 with 8 GB RAM - all have dual or quad NIC and I have a 24 ports Aruba switch with VXLAN feature, older HP Procurve 24 switch.

I am looking into have 3 nodes for run services and 2 for compute and remaining 3 for Ceph.

Any advise on OS and which openstack distro I should and link to the documentations or guides?



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