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Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Fri Apr 29 19:18:56 UTC 2022

 ---- On Fri, 29 Apr 2022 14:07:15 -0500 Dan Smith <dms at danplanet.com> wrote ----
 > >> Also suggestion: drop tick/tock from naming documentation please.
 > >> I never remember which is major and which is minor.
 > >
 > > This is a good point. From an internationalization perspective, the
 > > choice of wording could be especially confusing as it's an analogy
 > > for English onomatopoeia related to mechanical clocks. I doubt it
 > > would translate well (if at all).
 > I don't think there's any implication that one or the other is major or
 > minor. I certainly didn't think the word "tick" meant anything more
 > major or important than "tock". I chose "tick" as the slow-path one
 > simply because I think it makes sense to start the cycle on a slow path
 > release. Unless we choose "major and minor" or "long and short" or
 > "stable and unstable" (the latter of which is already taken and also not
 > correct anyway), I think people will have to learn which is which
 > regardless.
 > > In retrospect, adjusting the terminology to make 2023.1 the
 > > "primary" release of 2023, with 2023.2 as the "secondary" release of
 > > that year, makes it a bit more clear as to their relationship to one
 > > another. We can say that consumers are able to upgrade directly from
 > > one primary release to another, skipping secondary releases.
 > I also don't think "primary and secondary" are appropriate because they
 > have other connotations which also don't apply here. We decided that
 > "the release after Zed" would be the first in this cycle, and the
 > version of that is fixed based on when it is in the year. I don't think
 > we should tie the position of that release in the year to the notion of
 > the slow or fast cycle nature of them. Especially if we decide to change
 > that cadence to some other pattern in the future.

I agree with Dan, we discussed it to name it differnetly but everything came
up like naming one release (tick currently) more stable and other one less
stable. Like Major-minor or Primary-Secondary does the same. 

Both the release are same stable and no change in feature development, bug fixes
(like tick will not implement more feature then tock or so). So we need to clearly
avoid any name which will convey them stable, less-stable or this is main and that
is not-main.

 > I chose "tick and tock" simply because there's precedent in the industry
 > and that's all. I think the terminology we choose is not going to be
 > fully intuitive and culturally appropriate for everyone on the planet,
 > much like release names. We've already documented and discussed these as
 > "tick and tock" and changing now/again will also bring its own
 > confusion.

I agree tick-tock might not be best names/tag or all people are familier with and
I can give 100 of names to us in alternate to tick-tock but as we have already
documented about it and discussed a lot in PTG so let's keep them as it is. Adding
new names will confuse more people than making it more clear.


 > See, isn't this naming stuff fun?
 > --Dan

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