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Gk Gk ygk.kmr at
Fri Apr 29 14:14:59 UTC 2022

Hi All,

I need information about availability zones in nova. I tried googling but
cant find enough information. My questions are ,

1. Why  is it that we have two concepts of aggregates and AZs ? Is one not
enough ? Like exposing aggregates and creating flavors with extra specs to
match ? Why do we need AZs also ?

2. Why is it that one node should only be a part of one AZ but not two ?
whereas in the case of aggregates, it can overlap ?

3. Also why cant we expose only aggregates like AZs but block the compute
member list to the users ? Doing this way will serve the purpose of AZ as
well ? Why we dont want to expose aggregates as AZs ?

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