[dev][infra][tact-sig] Retiring the status.openstack.org server

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Apr 22 20:12:34 UTC 2022

With the recent retirement of the Elastic-Recheck and
OpenStack-Health services, as well as Zuul long ago growing its own
status dashboard, the only other thing still being served from the
status.openstack.org site is a very broken and empty ReviewDay
interface. I'm planning to take status.openstack.org offline at the
end of this month (late next week), so wanted to give everyone a
heads up that anything still served from that site right now
(basically just a link to the Zuul status page for our openstack
tenant) will be going away.

If you want the Zuul status page for openstack, the proper URL is
https://zuul.opendev.org/t/openstack/status or you can just go to
the root of the site and click the "status" link in the openstack
tenant row. (There's also a white-label zuul.openstack.org site but
that's primarily maintained in order to avoid breaking old tools
people may have hard-coded to use it.)
Jeremy Stanley
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