[neutron][nova] port binding fails for existing networks

Eugen Block eblock at nde.ag
Sat Apr 16 08:40:30 UTC 2022

Hi *,

I have a kind of strange case which I'm trying to solve for hours, I  
could use some fresh ideas.
It's a HA cloud (Victoria) deployed by Salt and the 2 control nodes  
are managed by pacemaker, the third controller will join soon. There  
are around 16 compute nodes at the moment.
This two-node-control plane works well, except if there are unplanned  
outages. Since the last outage of one control node we struggle to  
revive neutron (I believe neutron is the issue here). I'll try to  
focus on the main issue here, let me know if more details are required.
After the failed node was back online all openstack agents show as  
"up" (openstack compute service list, openstack network agent list).  
Running VMs don't seem to be impacted (as far as I can tell). But we  
can't create new instances in existing networks, and since we use  
Octavia we also can't (re)build any LBs at the moment. When I create a  
new test network the instance spawns successfully and is active within  
a few seconds. For existing networks we get the famous "port binding  
failed" from nova-compute.log. But I see the port being created, it  
just can't be attached to the instance. One more strange thing: I  
don't see any entries in the nova-scheduler.log or nova-conductor.log  
for the successfully built instance, except for the recently mentioned  
etcd3gw message from nova-conductor, but this didn't impact the  
instance creation yet.
We have investigated this for hours, we have rebooted both control  
nodes multiple times in order to kill any remaining processes. The  
galera DB seems fine, rabbitmq also behaves normally (I think), we  
tried multiple times to put one node in standby to only have one node  
to look at which also didn't help.
So basically we restarted everything multiple times on the control  
nodes and also nova-compute and openvswitch-agent on all compute  
nodes, the issue is still not resolved.
Does anyone have further ideas to resolve this? I'd be happy to  
provide more details, just let me know what you need.

Happy Easter!

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