[puppet] How to disable installation of mysql::server and only create databases?

Christian Rohmann christian.rohmann at inovex.de
Thu Apr 14 13:24:37 UTC 2022

Hey Takashi,

On 13/04/2022 16:01, Takashi Kajinami wrote:
> This is basically because the implementation uses some resources like 
> mysql_user
> imported from puppetlabs-mysql and these resources are designed to 
> work in the node
> where mysql is deployed by mysql::server. (Especially the ~/.my.cnf 
> file created).
> Technically speaking you can remove that include as long as you can 
> prepare all of
> the required resources with these resources but that'd be quite tricky.

Thanks for the quick and thorough response. I worked around the issue by 
just using the mysql::db class directly.
It's actually clearly documented on how to use it on an existing server 
and without installing or managing it:

Regards and thanks again!


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