[blazar][requirements] setuptools and python_version in upper constraints

Pierre Riteau pierre at stackhpc.com
Wed Apr 13 14:48:12 UTC 2022


In the blazar project, we have been seeing a job timeout failure in
openstack-tox-py39 affecting master and stable/yoga. tox starts the
"lockutils-wrapper python setup.py testr --slowest --testr-args=" process
which doesn't show progress until job timeout.

It started happening sometime between 2022-03-10 16:01:39 (last success on
master) and 2022-03-24 16:35:15 (first timeout occurrence) [1], with no
change in blazar itself and few changes in requirements.

I resumed debugging today and managed to reproduce it using Ubuntu 20.04
(it doesn't happen on macOS). Here is the traceback after interrupting it
if anyone wants to take a look [2]. The python process is using 100% of the
CPU until interrupted.

I tracked down the regression to the upper constraint on setuptools. For
example, stable/yoga has:


It appears this is ignored in the py39 job so the job runs with the latest
setuptools. Indeed, there were some releases between March 10 and March 24.
I still have to figure out what changed in setuptools to cause this

Question for requirements maintainers: is this expected behaviour, or
should upper constraints also include lines for python_version=='3.9' on

Pierre Riteau (priteau)

[2] https://paste.opendev.org/show/bZO7ELmTvfMUGJPdlQ4k/
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