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niujie niujie at chinamobile.com
Tue Apr 12 12:36:38 UTC 2022

Hi all

I'm from China Mobile, China Mobile is recently working on build a new information infrastructure focusing on connectivity, computing power, and capabilities, this new information infrastructure is called Computing Force Network, we think OpenStack community which gathers global wisdom together is a perfect platform to discuss topics like CFN, so we are proposing to create a new SIG for CFN(Computing Force Network). Below is CFN brief introduction and initial SIG scope.

With the flourish of new business scenarios such as hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, AI, big data processing, edge computing, building a new information infrastructure based on multiple key technologies that converged cloud and network, will better support global digital transformation. This new infrastructure is not only relates to cloud, it is getting more and more connected with network, and at the same time, we also need to consider how to converge multiple technologies like AI, Blockchain, big data, security to provide this all-in-one service.

Computing Force Network(CFN) is a new information infrastructure that based on network, focused on computing, deeply converged Artificial intelligence, Block chain, Cloud, Data, Network, Edge computing, End application, Security(ABCDNETS), providing all-in-one services. 

Xiaodong Duan, Vice president of China Mobile Research Institute, introduced the vision and architecture of Computing Force Network in 2021 November OpenInfra Live Keynotes by his presentation Connection + Computing + Capability Opens a New Era of Digital Infrastructure, he proposed the new era of CFN. 

We are expecting to work with OpenStack on how to build this new information infrastructure, and how to promote the development and implementation of next generation infrastructure, achieve ubiquitous computing force, computing & network convergence, intelligence orchestration, all-in-one service. Then computing force will become common utilities like water and electric step by step, computing force will be ready for access upon use and connected by single entry point. 

The above vision of CFN , from technical perspective, will mainly focus on unified management and orchestration of computing + network integrated system, computing and network deeply converged in architecture, form and protocols aspect, bringing potential changes to OpenStack components. CFN is aiming to achieve seamlessly migration of any application between any heterogeneous platforms, it's a challenge for the industry currently, we feel that in pursuit of CFN could potentially contributes to the development and evolution of OpenStack.

In this CFN SIG, we will mainly focus on discussing how to build the new information infrastructure of CFN, related key technologies, and what's the impact on OpenStack brought by the network & could convergence trend , the topics are including but not limited to:

1, A computing basement for unified management of container, VM and Bare Metal 

2, Computing infrastructure which eliminated the difference between heterogeneous hardware 

3, Measurement criteria and scheduling scheme based on unified computing infrastructure

4, Network solutions for SDN integrating smart NIC for data center

5, Unified orchestration & management for "network + cloud", and "cloud + edge + end" integrated scheduling solution 

We will have regular meetings to investigate and discuss business scenarios, development trend, technical scheme, release technical documents, technical proposal and requirements for OpenStack Projects, and propose new project when necessary.

We will also collaborate with other open source projects like LFN, CNCF, LFE, to have a consistent plan across communities, and align with global standardization organization like ETSI, 3GPP, IETF, to promote CFN related technical scheme become the standard in industry.

If you have any thoughts, interests, questions, requirements, we can discuss by this mailing list.

Any suggestions are welcomed, and we are really hoping to hear from anyone, and work with you.


Jie Niu 

China Mobile 

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