[requirements][kolla][infra] Python versions in u-c

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Mon Apr 11 07:08:37 UTC 2022

OpenStack Zed lists Python 3.8 as minimal version.

Debian 'bullseye' (current stable) as Python 3.9, Ubuntu 20.04 'focal' 
has 3.8. Ubuntu 22.04 'jammy' has 3.10, CentOS Stream 9 (so RHEL 9, 
Rocky Linux 9) has 3.9 version.

We ignore anything RHEL 8 based as they have Python 3.6 only and there 
is no work on getting OpenStack Zed supported there.

So there will be 3.8, 3.9, 3.10 used with Zed.

Two question to requirements team:

1. Are there plans to get rid of 3.6 entries from 
openstack/requirements/upper-constraints.txt in near future?

2. Can we get "python_version=='3.8'" lines be changed to ">=" ones? Or 
once 3.6 entries drop just assume that we have 3.8+ and drop 
'python_version' entries?


Asking due to my recent Kolla/infra work on getting CentOS Stream 9 
supported in both places.

Infra team has CI job which builds Python wheel cache to make sure that 
other CI jobs do not have to do it. Times are nicely cut due to this stuff.

There are 55 entries with "python_version=='3.8'". Probably none of them 
are time critical anymore as upstream projects provide aarch64 wheels 
most of times too.

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