[tc][tacker][heat-translator] Discusssion about heat-translater maintenance

ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com
Thu Apr 7 09:51:54 UTC 2022

Hi Rico, Bob

Thank you for adding to heat-translator-core!
I will start activities as core member.
Many thanks!

Best regards,

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Hi Ayumu Ueha

I just added you to heat-translator-core.
you should be able to perform core duty and be able to see heat-translator-core on your gerrit groups now.

Rico Lin

On Thu, Apr 7, 2022 at 5:29 AM HADDLETON, Robert W (Bob) <bob.haddleton at nokia.com<mailto:bob.haddleton at nokia.com>> wrote:
This is fine with me - Rico can make the necessary changes.


On 4/5/2022 9:57 PM, ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com<mailto:ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com> wrote:
Hi Bob,

I’m Ayumu Ueha, I work as a core of Tacker.
Previously, some member of Tacker team participated to the core of heat-translator.
Since LiangLu has left the Tacker project, I would like to participate the core of heat-translator from the Tacker team instead of him and maintain it. Is it OK?
This is agreed within the Tacker team at the Zed vPTG.

>- yoshito-ito (yoshito.itou.dr at hco.ntt.co.jp<mailto:yoshito.itou.dr at hco.ntt.co.jp>)
>- LiangLu (lu.liang at jp.fujitsu.com<mailto:lu.liang at jp.fujitsu.com>) *** change to ueha (ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com<mailto:ueha.ayumu at fujitsu.com>) ***

Best regards,


Bob Haddleton

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