[dev][infra][qa][tact-sig] Zuul behavior change with Depends-On across queues

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Apr 5 19:46:13 UTC 2022

For those who haven't seen the more detailed announcement[*] about
it, just a quick note that if you get a sudden -2 back from Zuul
when approving a change with a Depends-On to a change in a different
project which hasn't merged yet, that's likely an indication those
projects don't share a dependent queue. It's not a bug, but an
intentional clarification of Zuul's enqueuing behavior.

For most other Zuul deployments (and even our other Zuul tenants in
OpenDev) this is purely cosmetic, but since OpenStack's Zuul tenant
is configured to require a positive Verified vote before enqueuing
into the gate pipeline, it means some changes may end up
unexpectedly needing another pass through check first. It's worth
re-evaluating whether or not this "clean check" rule remains a
useful requirement for gating. It was added some years ago because a
number of gate breaking bugs were traced back to unstable changes
being rechecked enough times that eventually they got lucky and were
able to merge, and then their instability contributed to
destabilizing the integrated gate as a whole. Similarly, changes
were being approved without reviewers confirming their jobs were
passing first, and this led to additional resource waste.

There is a bit of discussion around "blind rechecks" at the PTG this
week, and so this topic is related; it might be a good idea to
consider it in conjunction with the greater recheck conversation.

[*] http://lists.opendev.org/pipermail/service-announce/2022-April/000033.html
Jeremy Stanley
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