Upgrading Openstack nodes

Marc-Antoine Godde marc-antoine.godde at viarezo.fr
Mon Apr 4 09:11:05 UTC 2022


We are running an Openstack cloud composed of 3 controller nodes and 4 compute nodes. Our deployment was realized with OpenStack-ansible and we are running OpenStack Ussuri on Ubuntu 18.04. Our plan is to upgrade nodes to Ubuntu 20.04, that way we would be able to update to OpenStack Victoria and further.

We would like to withdraw each node from the cluster, reinstall a clean linux and redeploy the nodes. There is garbage remaining from previous upgrades. We figured out the way in the documentation to remove a compute node from the cluster with Openstack-ansible but we can’t find any related documentation for controller nodes.

Any help would be very much appreciated. By the way, if you’d have any other suggestions on how to perform that upgrade, fell free to help.

Marc-Antoine Godde

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