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On środa, 15 września 2021 07:19:20 CEST Zeeshan Haider wrote:
> **Scenario**:
> We are trying to develop our Virtual Network using `Open Virtual Network`
> or `OVN`, We need our Virtual Network Switches running firstly on the root
> Virtual Router, and there are some other Virtual Switches as well. I was
> Working on the `openvswitch` and `OVN` but a lot of things are missing for
> me, and there are some unlinked dots between the deployment itself and
> there are some problems. My Question has 3 further Parts.
>  1. Is it possible at all to use `Neutron` as our Network Manager without
> OpenStack cloud installation?

Yes, it's possible as Akihiro already explained. The one thing You need to 
remember is that if You want ports to be provisioned by neutron they should be 
plugged into br-int bridge on the node. In the way as e.g. Nova (os-vif) is 
doing that actually.

>  2. Is it a good approach?

TBH I don't know. In theory it should works but in u/s Neutron we are not 
testing such use case at all so I can't tell You what bugs You may hit with 
that approach.

>  3. if not then are there any cookbooks available for `OVN`, I am not
> talking about man-pages.
> Any help would be highly appreciated.
> P.S. I am thinking about this because OVN got merged with Neutron, and it
> could be one of the possibilities.

To be strict OVN is separate project which comes from the Openvswitch 
originally and it wasn't never merged with Neutron. Neutron have only 
mechanism driver which allows using OVN as a backend. That driver was recently 
merged to be one of the "in-tree" mechanism drivers in Neutron.

> **Note**: Please Don't downvote the question because I don't have that much
> experience with the network could be a stupid question, will remove it if
> you provide me the info in the comment section.
> I have found out that installation is possible I am quoting the answer from
> `` by ``
> below.
> "The way to install neutron is simple: to install neutron with pip (from
> PyPI package or the git repo), prepare a config file for neutron and start
> the neutron server (in case of OVN mechanism driver). Distro packages
> and/or various tools like Ansible playbook are just a wrapper for this. The
> minimum required config to enable noauth (ie without keystone) is to set
> auth_strategy to noauth in the config file.
> I don't know the detail instruction step by step to satisfy your need."
> Now I want to find out detailed instructions for this purpose. is this
> possible to get the instructions here

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