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Wed Sep 15 05:19:20 UTC 2021

We are trying to develop our Virtual Network using `Open Virtual Network`
or `OVN`, We need our Virtual Network Switches running firstly on the root
Virtual Router, and there are some other Virtual Switches as well. I was
Working on the `openvswitch` and `OVN` but a lot of things are missing for
me, and there are some unlinked dots between the deployment itself and
there are some problems. My Question has 3 further Parts.

 1. Is it possible at all to use `Neutron` as our Network Manager without
OpenStack cloud installation?
 2. Is it a good approach?
 3. if not then are there any cookbooks available for `OVN`, I am not
talking about man-pages.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

P.S. I am thinking about this because OVN got merged with Neutron, and it
could be one of the possibilities.

**Note**: Please Don't downvote the question because I don't have that much
experience with the network could be a stupid question, will remove it if
you provide me the info in the comment section.

I have found out that installation is possible I am quoting the answer from
`` by ``

"The way to install neutron is simple: to install neutron with pip (from
PyPI package or the git repo), prepare a config file for neutron and start
the neutron server (in case of OVN mechanism driver). Distro packages
and/or various tools like Ansible playbook are just a wrapper for this. The
minimum required config to enable noauth (ie without keystone) is to set
auth_strategy to noauth in the config file.

I don't know the detail instruction step by step to satisfy your need."

Now I want to find out detailed instructions for this purpose. is this
possible to get the instructions here
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