Openstack nova live migration pain

Thomas Goirand zigo at
Sun Sep 12 19:12:16 UTC 2021

On 9/11/21 8:17 PM, hai wu wrote:
> Is there any way to verify (not to change anything) that, in
> order to see the current state (like issuing some sql query to see
> what's in place for its db schema, and issuing some dpkg command to
> see what kind of openstack related packages are currently in place ..
> )?

Some more familiar than me with the nova db schema should be able to
answer this question. However...

> I am hoping that we might already have db schema for Train release,
> and we just need to upgrade some python3 packages from
> buster-train-backports .. I understand that some db schema might come
> from certain packages, and if those packages are not matching the ones
> from buster-train-backports, then we might have to go the db-sync path
> later.

... it doesn't really mater, the db-sync thingy is supposed to be
idempotent, so you can:
- upgrade to stein
- run the db-sync in stein
- upgrade to train
- run the db-sync in train

If you've already done the Train db-sync, then the above db-sync will do
nothing and that's it... you'll ave performed a working upgrade anyways.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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