[devstack][openstack-qa] DevStack on VirtualBox with Host-only Adapter

os-user157 os-user157 at protonmail.com
Fri Sep 10 15:09:41 UTC 2021

Hi Clark, thanks for your response!

Would you be so kind to share or point me to where I can find the CI local.conf? So that I can test with it.

I noticed a very strange behavior. With the minimal local.conf described in the DevStack documentation (setting the passwords and nothing more), if the hostname has a dot, as in "devstack.localdomain", when you try to create instanes, Neutron complains with "Failed to bind port...", saying in the logs that there was no OVN chassis for the host. I fixed this by using a hostname without any dots, and it worked! Is this a known bug?

I tried this with only 1 NAT adapter to isolate the different issues I was having. Today I'll try with the Host-only adapter again with my CIDR and follow your tips, and I'll give some feedback.

Thanks for the help!

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