[all][tc] Minium python version for yoga and centos 9 stream.

Sean Mooney smooney at redhat.com
Tue Sep 7 11:07:55 UTC 2021

resending to correct list
On Tue, 2021-09-07 at 10:51 +0100, Sean Mooney wrote:
> hi i was jsut looking at the yoga runtimes an notice that we have not really updated it
> with regards to minium python versions.
> currently 
> the runtime defintion is as follows https://github.com/openstack/governance/blob/master/reference/runtimes/yoga.rst
>    It is the :doc:`policy <../../resolutions/20181024-python-update-process>` that each OpenStack release cycle will target the latest available version of Python; default Python runtimes on the
>    distributions listed above; and versions used in integration tests at the start of the cycle, at least until the point when all projects have migrated to a later version.
>    Based on the criteria above, all Python-based projects must target and test against, at a minimum:
>        Python 3.6 (default in CentOS 8 Stream)
>        Python 3.8 (latest available; default in Ubuntu 20.04)
> looking at to look at https://repology.org/project/python/versions what python version are shpping by default now in many distro
> more and more of them are moving to python 3.9 which is currently not in the test list and wer are starting to fall quite far behind
> debian 11/12/stable are currently using 3.9.2
> centos 8 defaults to 3.6.8 but ships 	3.8.6 and 3.9.2 as appstreams
> centos 9 stream will default to  python3-3.9.6-6.el9.x86_64.rpm  https://composes.stream.centos.org/test/latest-CentOS-Stream/compose/BaseOS/x86_64/os/Packages/
> ubuntu 20.04 default to 3.8.2 but also ships 3.9.5 in universe
> ubuntu 21.04 default to 3.9.5 so we can expect that when yoga ships on ubuntu 22.04 it will be based on at least python 3.9 and proably 3.10
> fedora well they basically ship everythin but i belive 3.9 is not the default based on complaints some of my fellow contiutors had with
> runnign unit and functional tests.
> openSUSE Leap 15.3 main/oss 	python39 	3.9.4 ship 3.9 but default to 3.6
> they aslo nolonger have an openstack product but it would still be nice to keep them in mind.
> over all i think we shoudl consider raising or min tested/supported python version to python 3.8 for yoga and consider updating from centos 8 to centos 9.
> i also think it worth including python 3.9 in the required testing versions for python projects.
> several distros will be releaseing openstack xena/wallaby with python 3.9 and also yoga likely with 3.10 in some cases.
> if we only offically test with 3.6 and 3.8 we could have some hard probalems to solve going forward. the optional testing with unit and functional tests 
> that some project have for python 3.9 certenly helps but actully having an integrated tempest gate job that runs on 3.9 i think is going to be increasingly important.
> readring centos 9 stream, it was orginally planned of release at the end of q2. now that date has obviosly passed but i know that they are still hopeful to have
> a release ready in the next month or so. cloud images are avaibel at https://composes.stream.centos.org/production/latest-CentOS-Stream/compose/BaseOS/x86_64/images/ although the repos are still only
> partly complete https://composes.stream.centos.org/production/latest-CentOS-Stream/compose/BaseOS/x86_64/images/ and there are currently no active mirros so its still officaly
> not released https://www.centos.org/centos-stream/ and i don not have any ETA beyond soonTM. as such im aware we cant offically declare centos 9 stream as part of the tested
> runtimes at this point but it might be at least worht listing it as an experimtal runtime as i suspec there will be a desire to swtich to it during the yoga cycle for some proejct.
> ooo/rdo come to mind as they discussed this for xena but obviously that was not possibel since it was not released in time.
> regards
> sean.
> ps removing python 3.6 and replacing it with 3.9 instead of just adding 3.9 as an addtional runtime is more to manage our testing
> there isnt nessarly any python feature that i explcitly would like to be able to use that are added in 3.8 that would be enabled
> by making that the new min python verion that is motivating this suggestion.  there are some nice thingin 3.9/3.10 such as pattern
> mataching that are commign but it will be some time (2-4 years)before we can actully use those as our min version so i was just being practial
> and suggestion we raise to 3.8 and add 3.9 as required with 3.10 as optional/experimal for those that want it.

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