[sdk]: Remove volumes stuck in error deleting status

dmeng dmeng at uvic.ca
Fri Oct 8 17:36:27 UTC 2021

Hello there, 

Hope everything is going well.  

I would like to know if there is any method that could remove the volume
stuck in the "error-deleting" status? We are using the chameleon
openstack cloud but we are not the admin user there, so couldn't use the
"cinder force-delete" or "cinder reset-state" command. Wondering if
there is any other method we could use to remove those volumes in our
own project? And also wondering what might cause this "error-deleting"
problem? We use openstacksdk block storage service,
"cinder.delete_volume()" method to remove volumes, and it works fine

Thanks and have a great day! 
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