[neutron][nova] [kolla] vif plugged timeout

Michal Arbet michal.arbet at ultimum.io
Sat Nov 20 10:05:16 UTC 2021


Has anyone seen issue which I am currently facing ?

When launching heat stack ( but it's same if I launch several of instances
) vif plugged in timeouts an I don't know why, sometimes it is OK
..sometimes is failing.

Sometimes neutron reports vif plugged in < 10 sec ( test env ) sometimes
it's 100 and more seconds, it seems there is some race condition but I
can't find out where the problem is. But on the end every instance is
spawned ok (retry mechanism worked).

Another finding is that it has to do something with security group, if noop
driver is used ..everything is working good.

Firewall security setup is openvswitch .

Test env is wallaby.

I will attach some logs when I will be near PC ..

Thank you,
Michal Arbet (Kevko)
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