[kolla-ansible][wallaby][glance] Problem with image list after reconfigure

Cyril Roelandt cyril at redhat.com
Wed Nov 17 20:11:10 UTC 2021


On 2021-11-17 08:59, Franck VEDEL wrote:
> Hello everyone 
> I have a strange problem and I haven't found the solution yet. 
> Following a certificate update I had to do a "kolla-ansible -t multinode reconfigure ». 
> Well, after several attempts (it is not easy to use certificates with Kolla-ansible, and from my advice, not documented enough for beginners), I have my new functional certificates. Perfect ... well almost.
>  I am trying to create a new instance to check general operation. ERROR. 
> Okay, I look in the logs and I see that Cinder is having problems creating volumes with an error that I never had ("TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable).

We'd like to see the logs as well, especially the stacktrace.

> I dig and then I wonder if it is not the Glance images which cannot be used, while they are present (openstack image list is OK). 
> I create an empty volume: it works.
> I am creating a volume from an image: Failed. 

What commands are you running? What's the output? What's in the logs?

> However, I have my list of ten images in glance. 
> I create a new image and create a volume with this new image: it works. 
> I create an instance with this new image: OK. 
> What is the problem ? The images present before the "reconfigure" are listed, visible in horizon for example, but unusable. 
> Is there a way to fix this, or do we have to reinstall them all? 

What's your configuration? What version of OpenStack are you running?


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