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Wed Nov 3 16:25:29 UTC 2021


With openstacksdk maintainer hat and without any hat I would clearly welcome this move.


> On 3. Nov 2021, at 17:13, Emilien Macchi <emilien at redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> The Gophercloud project is a stable OpenStack SDK in Golang, which has been widely used by many communities now, including Terraform and all the Kubernetes on OpenStack projects.
> The project was initiated by Rackspace in 2013 and has already successfully managed their departure as a principal contributor. Fast forward to 2021, Joe Topjian (major maintainer) who used to be an active contributor in Puppet modules and also a voice in the OpenStack operators space, has reached out to me so we can discuss a transition for maintenance: https://github.com/gophercloud/gophercloud/issues/2246 <https://github.com/gophercloud/gophercloud/issues/2246>
> We have discussed this internally and here are our notes: https://github.com/gophercloud/gophercloud/issues/2246#issuecomment-957589400 <https://github.com/gophercloud/gophercloud/issues/2246#issuecomment-957589400>.
> To make it short, we are figuring out whether it would make sense to find a new home for the project and if yes, where.
> The main reason we're reaching out to the opendev community first is because we think this is the most logical place to host the project, alongside OpenStack:
> Some ideas:
> The project would potentially have more visibility in the community, it’s a SDK therefore strongly relying on OpenStack APIs stability.
> Use (some) opendev tools, mainly Zuul & nodepool resources - integrate with other projects.
> Governance: 
> Gerrit / not Gerrit: we don’t think we would move to Gerrit yet, as the existing contributors are probably more used to the Github workflow, and we clearly don’t want to lose anyone in the process).
> IRC: we could have an IRC channel, potentially Slack as well.
> Many things to figure out and before we answer these questions, we would like to poll the community: what do you think? Have you contributed to the project? What's your feeling about the ideas here?
> We welcome any feedback and will take it in consideration in our discussions.
> Thanks everyone,
> -- 
> Emilien Macchi, on behalf of the Gophercloud contributors

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