[sdk][tc] A new home for Gophercloud

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Wed Nov 3 16:13:03 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

The Gophercloud project is a stable OpenStack SDK in Golang, which has been
widely used by many communities now, including Terraform and all the
Kubernetes on OpenStack projects.

The project was initiated by Rackspace in 2013 and has already successfully
managed their departure as a principal contributor. Fast forward to 2021,
Joe Topjian (major maintainer) who used to be an active contributor in
Puppet modules and also a voice in the OpenStack operators space, has
reached out to me so we can discuss a transition for maintenance:

We have discussed this internally and here are our notes:

To make it short, we are figuring out whether it would make sense to find a
new home for the project and if yes, where.

The main reason we're reaching out to the opendev community first is
because we think this is the most logical place to host the project,
alongside OpenStack:

Some ideas:


   The project would potentially have more visibility in the community,
   it’s a SDK therefore strongly relying on OpenStack APIs stability.

   Use (some) opendev tools, mainly Zuul & nodepool resources - integrate
   with other projects.


   Gerrit / not Gerrit: we don’t think we would move to Gerrit yet, as the
   existing contributors are probably more used to the Github workflow, and we
   clearly don’t want to lose anyone in the process).

   IRC: we could have an IRC channel, potentially Slack as well.

Many things to figure out and before we answer these questions, we would
like to poll the community: what do you think? Have you contributed to the
project? What's your feeling about the ideas here?

We welcome any feedback and will take it in consideration in our

Thanks everyone,
Emilien Macchi, on behalf of the Gophercloud contributors
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