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David Vallee Delisle dvd at
Sat May 22 02:07:52 UTC 2021

Considering how the freenode takeover was done, I don't believe the
statuquo is a viable option here. This is below the belt and I don't think
they deserve our userbase. Maybe this is a grayzone and this is borderline
legal, as a FOSS community, we have the responsibility to take a stance
against this kind of behavior by dropping our support to the new
freenode.That's the least we can do.

I understand that moving away from current freenode to either libera, or
whatever other medium the community will choose is going to be a hassle to
everyone. We're going to waste quite a lot of time to move everything and
transition. It shouldn't be rushed if we want to change medium. We need to
evaluate options, maybe we should vote, and/or deploy stable infrastructure
if necessary.

I still believe that moving to libera should be quite trivial for most of
us and should probably be done ASAP and from there we can decide where we
want to go next.


On Fri, May 21, 2021 at 1:55 PM Chris Morgan <mihalis68 at> wrote:

> I agree that openstack chat should get off freenode. I don't claim to
> understand what happened there, but clearly Mr Lee is attempting to appear
> like the "owner" of IRC in general (see
> something I find repellant.
> I'm not qualified to comment on libera chat vs. oftc, except that Jeremy
> has already prepared technically for a possible move to OFTC and
> established with the community that it was a suitable replacement. On that
> basis it seems like the best next step to me +1
> [I found getting into IRC hard myself - it's resolutely banned where I
> work, but IRCcloud is good enough. I'm by no means an IRC old-timer.]
> Chris
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> Chris Morgan <mihalis68 at>
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