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> Hi all,
> For those of you who have not woken up to this sad day yet. Andrew Lee has
> taken his stance as owner of freenode ltd. and by the (one sided) story of
> the former volunteer staff members basically forced the whole community out.
> As there is history of LTM shutting down networks before (snoonet), it is
> appropriate to expect that the intentions here are not aligned with the
> communities and specially the users who's data he has access to via this
> administrative takeover.
> I think it's our time to take swift action and show our support to all the
> hard working volunteers who were behind freenode and move all our
> activities to

Probably not the best timing, but should we consider (again) running a more
advanced free software chat system? E.g. Outreachy uses Zulip, Mozilla -
Matrix, there are probably more.


> Please see and Christian's letter which
> links to the others as well
> Best,
> Erno 'jokke' Kuvaja

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