[xena][neutron][ovn] Follow up to BGP with OVN PTG discussions

Bence Romsics bence.romsics at gmail.com
Tue May 18 15:49:14 UTC 2021

Hi Dan,

> Red Hat has begun gathering a team of engineers to add OpenStack support
> for BGP dynamic routing using the Free Range Routing (FRR) set of
> daemons. Acting as a technical lead for the project, I led one session
> in the TripleO room to discuss the installer components and two sessions
> in the Neutron room to discuss BGP routing with OVN, and BGP EVPN with OVN.

There may be quite a lot of overlap with what we (Ericsson) are
working on right now, we would be really interested in your long term
vision and also the details of your plans.

> There will likely be opportunities to leverage APIs and contribute to
> existing work being done with Neutron Dynamic Routing, BGPVPN, and
> other work being done to implement BGP EVPN. We would like to
> collaborate with Ericsson and others and come up with a solution that
> fits us all!

There are a few related specs proposed already. Below are two links
that may be the most relevant to you. All your input is welcome.

BFD: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron-specs/+/767337
BGP: https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/neutron-specs/+/783791

> BGP may be used for equal-cost multipath (ECMP) load balancing of
> outbound links, and bi-directional forwarding detection (BFD) for
> resiliency to ensure that a path provides connectivity.

> BGP may also be used for routing inbound traffic to provider network IPs
> or floating IPs for instance connectivity.

I believe we also share these two use cases - with some caveats,
please see below.

> The Compute nodes will run
> FRR to advertise routes to the local VM IPs or floating IPs hosted on
> the node. FRR has a daemon named Zebra that is responsible for
> exchanging routes between routing daemons such as BGP and the kernel.
> The redistribute connected statement in the FRR configuration will cause
> local IP addresses on the host to be advertised via BGP. Floating IP
> addresses are attached to a loopback interface in a namespace, so they
> will be redistributed using this method. Changes to OVN will be required
> to ensure provider network IPs assigned to VMs will be assigned to a
> loopback interface in a namespace in a similar fashion.

Am I getting it right that your primary objective is to route the
traffic directly to the hypervisors and there hoist it to the tunnel
Some of the links in your email also gave me the impression that
occasionaly you'd want to route the traffic to a neutron router's
gateway port. Is that right? In which cases?

Currently neutron-dynamic-routing advertises routes with their nexthop
being the router's gw port. We have a use case for arbitrary VM ports
being the nexthop. And you seem to have a use case for the hypervisor
being the nexthop. Maybe we could come up with an extension of the
n-d-r API that can express these variations... Similar thoughts could
be applied to the BFD proposal too.

> https://github.com/luis5tb/bgp-agent

In the further development of the proof-of-concept, how much do you
plan to make this API driven? The PoC seems to be reacting to port
binding events, but most other information (peers, filters, maybe
nexthops) seem to be coming from TripleO deployed configuration and
not from the API. How would you like this to look in the long term?

> BGP EVPN with multitenancy will require separate VRFs per tenant. This
> will allow separate routing tables to be maintained, and allow for
> overlapping IP addresses for different Neutron tenant networks. FRR may
> have the capability to utilize a single BGP peering session to combine
> advertisements for all these VRFs, but there is still work to be done to
> prototype this design. This may result in more efficient BGP dynamic
> updates, and could potentially make troubleshooting more straightforward.

BGP to API endpoints and BGPVPN related things are not on our plate
right now. However support in Neutron for VRFs could be interesting to
us too.

Thanks for the great writeup!

Bence Romsics
irc: rubasov
Ericsson Software Technology

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