Thanls! Re: [wallaby] problem neutron-linuxbridge-agent:

tjoen tjoen at
Mon May 17 12:00:59 UTC 2021

On 5/17/21 12:08 PM, Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez wrote:
> Just a couple of comments:
> 1) There is a Neutron sanity check script that should be executed before
> running OpenStack. That will make sure Neutron can run on your system. One
> of the tests checks the "ebtables" version. If "ebtables" is not present,
> that test will fail.
> 2) "FileNotFoundError" means this binary is not present or is not in one of
> the binary directories. "ebtables" or its "nftables" equivalent should be
> in your system. Check for "ebtables-nft" or "ebtables-legacy".

Thank you for the hint!
I had the same problem with dnsmasq and haproxy
The error messages there were more specific

Many changes in Wallaby compared to Ussuri
ebtables, dnsmasq and haproxy were not needed in controller node of

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