[wallaby] patch needed for neutron-linuxbridge-agent: arp_protect.py

Rodolfo Alonso Hernandez ralonsoh at redhat.com
Mon May 17 10:08:16 UTC 2021

Hello tjoen:

Just a couple of comments:
1) There is a Neutron sanity check script that should be executed before
running OpenStack. That will make sure Neutron can run on your system. One
of the tests checks the "ebtables" version. If "ebtables" is not present,
that test will fail.
2) "FileNotFoundError" means this binary is not present or is not in one of
the binary directories. "ebtables" or its "nftables" equivalent should be
in your system. Check for "ebtables-nft" or "ebtables-legacy".


On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 11:52 AM tjoen <tjoen at dds.nl> wrote:

> neutron-18.0.0
> tenacity-7.0.0
> Python-3.9.4
> neutron-linuxbridge-agent exits with
> AttributeError: 'FileNotFoundError' object has no attribute 'returncode'
> neutron/plugins/ml2/drivers/linuxbridge/agent/arp_protect.py:
> ..
> @tenacity.retry(
>      wait=tenacity.wait_exponential(multiplier=0.02),
>      retry=tenacity.retry_if_exception(lambda e: e.returncode == 255),
>      reraise=True
> )
> ..
> Not a python programmer. But I guess it has something to do with
> Python39
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