[TripleO] Opting out of global-requirements.txt

James Slagle james.slagle at gmail.com
Thu May 13 18:38:36 UTC 2021

I'd like to propose that TripleO opt out of dependency management by
removing tripleo-common from global-requirements.txt.  I do not feel that
the global dependency management brings any advantages or anything needed
for TripleO. I can't think of any reason to enforce the ability to be
globally pip installable with the rest of OpenStack.

Two of our most critical projects, tripleoclient and tripleo-common do not
even put many of their data files in the right place where our code expects
them when they are pip installed. So, I feel fairly confident that no one
is pip installing TripleO and relying on global requirements enforcement.

One potential advantage of not being in global-requirements.txt is that our
unit tests and functional tests could actually test the same code. As
things stand today, our unit tests in projects that depend on
tripleo-common are pinned to the version in global-requirements.txt, while
our functional tests currently run with tripleo-common from master (or
included depends-on).

The changes needed would be (aiui):
- Remove tripleo repos from projects.txt
- Remove check-requirements jobs from those same repos
- Remove tripleo-common from global-requirements.txt

I think we should also plan to backport these changes to Wallaby.

Let me know any concerns or feedback, or anything I might be overlooking.

-- James Slagle
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