[ironic] IPA image does not want to boot with UEFI

Vuk Gojnic vuk.gojnic at gmail.com
Tue May 11 21:08:13 UTC 2021

Hi Francois,

Thanks for the reply.

I am using esp from Ubuntu install iso. Intentionally go to Grub prompt to play with kernel parameters in attempt to debug.

linuxefi/initrdefi had seemingly same behaviour like linux/initrd. 

What I actually just detected is that if I try to do “ls” of the device where kernel and initrd are residing it lists it correctly, but if I do “ls -la” it lists couple of files, but when it comes to initrd it freezes and I get again “Red Screen of Death” with same errors.

Initrd that works just fine is 52MB big and uncompressed, while the one That blocks is 406MB big compressed. I started suspecting that the problem us is filesize limit.


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> On 11. May 2021, at 21:28, Francois <rigault.francois at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi! Out of curiosity, how did you generate the esp?
> Normally Ironic will build a grub.cfg file and include it into the
> iso, then it is loaded automatically (providing the grub_config_path
> is properly set) so you don't have anything to type by hand... That
> grub.cfg default template uses "linuxefi" and "initrdefi" (instead of
> linux/initrd you are using) which seem correct for most distributions
> (but depending on the way you built the esp, if you used grub from
> sources for example, linux/initrd would still be the right commands).
> Maybe you can try the "efi" variants.
> Best of luck!
> Francois (frigo)
>> On Tue, 11 May 2021 at 20:45, Vuk Gojnic <vuk.gojnic at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Julia, thanks for the response.
>> I have now verified that the server has Secure Boot set to Disabled.
>> It happens on all our HPE Gen10 and Gen10+ servers that are booting
>> with UEFI in the same configuration (Secure Boot Disabled).
>> Unsigned initrd from ubuntu for example works with Kernel from IPA:
>> I have also updated firmware of the server to the latest version, but
>> it is still the same.
>> I am going to try to drill deeper in IPA builder code and IPA initrd
>> which seems not to go well with UEFI boot mode.
>> I am grateful for any hint.
>> Bests,
>> Vuk

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