[kolla] does someone uses AArch64 images?

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed Mar 31 08:15:26 UTC 2021

On 3/31/21 9:34 AM, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> W dniu 30.03.2021 o 21:30, Thomas Goirand pisze:
>> On 3/30/21 3:20 PM, Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
>>>> Today, I'm already done with the packaging of all RC1 releases, and
>>>> I'm already beginning to test installing them. This is 2 days after
>>>> the RCs.
>>> Are they available somewhere online so they can be tested?
>> Of course: either through extrepo (for example: "extrepo enable
>> openstack_wallaby") or directly at:
>> http://osbpo.debian.net/debian/
>> Look into the "dists" folder to see all what's available: at the moment,
>> all from jessie-liberty to bullseye-wallaby.
> While we are buster-wallaby ;D Move to bullseye will happen once Xena
> cycle opens - I waited for full freeze with it and had several other
> things to do.

Well, that's not how we do things in the Debian OpenStack team. We
generally have one single OpenStack release which we both build for
stable and stable+1. This release is Victoria. So we do have
non-official repositories for Victoria under Buster and Bullseye:

- buster-victoria
- bullseye-victoria

The reason we do that, is that we want our users to be able to switch
Debian release without changing OpenStack release.

Wallaby is currently pushed to Debian Experimental, and we will only be
able to upload to unstable once Bullseye is released, which normally
should happen before Xena.

Hopefully, you guys at Linaro can align with this policy?

>>>> Again, I very much would love to collaborate and help you doing more
>>>> with the Debian binary stuff for ARM.
>>> I can check are there free resources left for providing you AArch64
>>> machine for builds.
>> I'm ok to do the setup, and explain how to use the box, however, someone
>> else will have to babysit the build process: I don't want to just do it
>> for free, with no return, when I'm not using ARM boxes myself.
> Understood.

Just one more thing: of course, I can do the first bootstraping to make
sure we have at least Victoria + Wallaby. If you didn't know, we have a
status page here:


This isn't really official, this is more some private tooling so we know
what work we need to do. (This was written by Michal Arbet and his
brother Jan, both from ultimum.io.) Hopefully, we can also add ARM
support there.

Also, have you tried Victoria with plain Bullseye? It should work out of
the box from the Debian official repositories normally...

That's the good thing about this timing: there shouldn't be much to
backport to an ARM specific repository since we're just after the freeze
of Bullseye.

>> Note that I need one Jenkins builder VM per OpenStack release, and that
>> the setup is done using Ansible.
> Will ask around.

Once you have the VMs, I can make debian.net point to it. I generally
setup a CNAME pointer. This is important so we can setup a letsencrypt
SSL certificate for the Jenkins URLs.

BTW, what kind of 1U / 2U servers would you recommend for ARM in
production, for storage and/or compute workload?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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