Create OpenStack VMs in few seconds

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Thu Mar 25 15:04:40 UTC 2021

On 2021-03-25 14:47:09 +0000 (+0000), Sean Mooney wrote:
> nova does not support create a base vm and then doing a local live
> migration or restore for memory snapshots to create another vm.
> this approch likely has several security implciations that would
> not be accpeatable in a multi tenant enviornment.
> we have disucssed this type of vm creation in the past and
> determined that it is not a valid implematnion of spawn. a virt
> driver that precreate vms or copys an existing instance can be
> faster but that virt driver is not considered a compliant
> implementation.
> so in short there is no way to achive this today in a compliant
> openstack powered cloud.

The next best thing is basically what Nodepool[*] does: start new
virtual machines ahead of time and keep them available in the
tenant. This does of course mean you're occupying additional quota
for whatever base "ready" capacity you've set for your various
images/flavors, and that you need to be able to predict how many of
what kinds of virtual machines you're going to need in advance.

Jeremy Stanley
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