[election][tacker] PTL candidacy for Xena

Yasufumi Ogawa yasufum.o at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 19:21:58 UTC 2021


I'd like to propose my candidacy for Tacker PTL in Xena cycle.

In Wallaby release, we have released several features for the latest 
ETSI NFV standard while largely updating infras, such as moving to 
Ubuntu 20.04, supporting redhat distros again and dropping python2 
completely for not only Tacker but also related projects such as 
tosca-parser or heat-translator or so [1]. In addition, we have fixed 
instability in unit and functional tests for which we have troubles 
several times. As Tacker PTL, I've led the team by proposing not only 
new features, but also things for driving the team such as documentation 
or bug tracking.

In Xena cycle, I would like to continue to make Tacker be more useful 
product for users interested in NFV. I believe Tacker will be a good 
reference implementation for NFV standard. We have planed to make Tacker 
more feasible not only for VM environment, but also container to meet 
requirements from industries.

- Continue to implement the latest container technology with ETSI NFV 
- Introduce multi API versions to meet the requirements for operators 
enable to deploy mixed environment of multi-vendor products in which 
some products provide a stable version APIs while other products adopt 
move advanced ones.
- Proceed to design and implement test framework under development in 
ETSI NFV TST to improve the quality of the product, not only unit tests 
and functional tests, but also introduce more sophisticated scheme such 
as robot framework.

[1] https://docs.openstack.org/releasenotes/tacker/unreleased.html

Yasufumi Ogawa

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