[swift] Unable to get or create objects

Cristina Mayo admin at gsic.uva.es
Tue Mar 2 09:13:49 UTC 2021


I don't have a lot of knowledge about Openstack. I have installed Swift in my Openstack Ussuri cloud with one storage node but I am not be able to list or create objects. In the controller node I saw these errors:
proxy-server: ERROR with Account server re: Trying to HEAD /v1/AUTH_c2b7d6242f3140f09d283e8fbb88732a: Connection refused (txn: tx370fb5929a6c4cf397384-00603dfe35)
proxy-server: Account HEAD returning 503 for [] (txn:tx370fb5929a6c4cf397384-00603dfe35)

Any idea?
Thanks in advance!
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