Moving ara code review to GitHub

Thierry Carrez thierry at
Mon Mar 1 09:11:09 UTC 2021

Laurent Dumont wrote:
> [...]
> I know that when I merged something for ARA, I ended up appreciating 
> Gerrit but there is a definite learning curve that I don't feel was 
> necessary to the process.

That's a great point. I personally think Gerrit is more efficient, but 
it's definitely different from the PR-based approach which the largest 
public code forges use (GitHub, Gitlab). Learning Gerrit is totally 
worth it if you intend to contribute regularly. It's harder to justify 
for a drive-by contribution, so you might miss those because the 
drive-by contributor sometimes just won't go through the hassle.

So for a project like ARA which is mostly feature-complete, is not super 
busy and would at this point most likely attract drive-by contributions 
fixing corner case bugs and adding corner case use cases, I certainly 
understand your choice.


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