[tact-sig][dev][infra][qa] OpenStack TaCT SIG 2021 Request for Help

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Wed Jan 27 02:15:18 UTC 2021

The tl;dr on this is that we need more volunteers to review CI job
configuration and project creation requests for OpenStack, and if
your proposed config changes are waiting longer to get reviewed than
you like, consider that a not so gentle reminder that you bear some
of the responsibility. Please read on and reach out if you'd like to

Our community infrastructure, these days known as the OpenDev
Collaboratory, is first and foremost a group effort for projects and
their contributors to join forces in collectively maintaining the
services and automation on which they rely. This has always been a
bit of a "Tragedy of the Commons" situation, where it's all too easy
for users of the commons to feel like it's someone else's job to
maintain things. Unfortunately, when everyone feels this way,
everyone also gets to suffer through the result. What we need is not
just for people to avoid throwing trash on the ground when they
visit the park, but for them to bring a trash bag (or bin liner,
depending on your continent) along and collect a bit of rubbish they
see along the way, even if it isn't theirs.

The people who take some time out of their day to pick up after
others in OpenStack are colloquially referred to as the Testing and
Collaboration Tools Special Interest Group (TaCT SIG). Folks come
and go over time, and lately we've had more going than coming, so
could really use some new volunteers. Consider this a request that
people who have (or are willing to invest in gaining) an
understanding of things like our job configuration and project
creation process make themselves known and pitch in on reviews.
We're happy to fast-track approval rights for anyone who shows they
can reliably evaluate these changes.

Now down to the nitty-gritty details... if you're inclined to help,
first and foremost let me or other TaCT SIG reviewers know so we can
make sure to prioritize your input. Then take a look at open reviews
in particular for the openstack/project-config and
openstack/openstack-zuul-jobs repositories. Beyond that, checking
through changes for opendev/base-jobs and zuul/zuul-jobs would also
be great as they tend to get intertwined with OpenStack's job
changes anyway. Not skipping changes which are failing CI results is
really helpful too, since change authors often don't understand what
the failure result is trying to tell them to fix. Further, answering
job-related questions in IRC or on mailing lists helps spread out
that load for the rest of us as well.

The quickest way to get started is to join the #openstack-infra
channel on the Freenode IRC network, and the #opendev and
#opendev-meeting channels too if you like. You may want to set up a
highlight in your IRC client for the string "config-core" which is
what we've standardized on to try and bring things to the attention
of the configuration core reviewers. When there are changes you've
looked over and you think are probably ready to merge, let us know
(#openstack-infra for OpenStack-related changes,
non-OpenStack-specific things in #opendev). Mention config-core when
you do so, to get our attention.

If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them. You can reply
on-list or in private to this message, or ask in #openstack-infra on
IRC (I'm "fungi" in there if you need me).
Jeremy Stanley, your humble OpenStack TaCT SIG chair
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