[tempest] extending python-tempestconf

Luigi Toscano ltoscano at redhat.com
Tue Jan 19 12:14:32 UTC 2021

On Tuesday, 19 January 2021 12:49:19 CET Szabolcs Tóth wrote:
> Hej!
> The official tool named python-tempestconf has a parameter named --create,
> which allows to create the following resources:
>   *   CirrOS image (uploads the image based on the location defined with
> --image parameter), *   Flavors (based on default values -
> be changed with --flavor-min-mem and --flavor-min-disk).
> In order to verify our specific installation with Tempest, we need to create
> the basic resources as
>   *   Flavors (with extra-spec parameters like hw:mem_page_size).
>   *   Networks (one for fixed_network_name and one for
> floating_network_name).
>      *   python-tempestconf is able to find an already existing network
> created with router:external flag and set it as value for
> floating_network_name.
>   *   Router and port (for routing traffic between internal and external
> networks).
> I would like to ask the following:
>   *   Is there any particular reason why the basic resource create
> functionality is limited to the image and flavor? 
> *   Are there any plans
> to extend the basic resource create functionality?

The aim of python-tempestconf (which is not part of the QA/tempest project, 
but of the refstack project) is described as "for automatic generation of 
tempest configuration based on user’s cloud."

This means that any resource creation is limited to what is needed for running 
"the basics" of tempest.

>From an historical point of view, it is not meant to be able to discover 
everything, but to be used as starting point for your tempest settings, which 
means that tests may work with the output of tempestconf, but tuning may be 
needed and it is expected.

>      *   Ability to set extra parameters for the flavors.
>      *   Creating networks, routers and ports (based on a user inputs, which
> can be separate parameters or a specific file).
> Would the community accept contributions extending python-tempestconf into
> this direction?

I'd leave space to other python-tempestconf people, but IMHO this will stretch 
the scope of the project.


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