[tempest] extending python-tempestconf

Szabolcs Tóth szabolcs at szabolcstoth.eu
Tue Jan 19 11:49:19 UTC 2021


The official tool named python-tempestconf has a parameter named --create, which allows to create the following resources:

  *   CirrOS image (uploads the image based on the location defined with --image parameter),
  *   Flavors (based on default values - DEFAULT_FLAVOR_RAM, DEFAULT_FLAVOR_RAM_ALT, DEFAULT_FLAVOR_DISK - which can be changed with --flavor-min-mem and --flavor-min-disk).

In order to verify our specific installation with Tempest, we need to create the basic resources as

  *   Flavors (with extra-spec parameters like hw:mem_page_size).
  *   Networks (one for fixed_network_name and one for floating_network_name).

     *   python-tempestconf is able to find an already existing network created with router:external flag and set it as value for floating_network_name.

  *   Router and port (for routing traffic between internal and external networks).

I would like to ask the following:

  *   Is there any particular reason why the basic resource create functionality is limited to the image and flavor?
  *   Are there any plans to extend the basic resource create functionality?

     *   Ability to set extra parameters for the flavors.
     *   Creating networks, routers and ports (based on a user inputs, which can be separate parameters or a specific file).

Would the community accept contributions extending python-tempestconf into this direction?

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