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Kanevsky, Arkady Arkady.Kanevsky at dell.com
Fri Jan 15 20:45:40 UTC 2021

Looking at out current website code I wonder if we should

  1.  Reword to be OpenInfra not just OpenStack or even move to new repo for OpenInfraWeb?
  2.  Keep it to be dedicated to OpenStack and create a parent Web for OpenInfra. That parent page will point to all projects under OpenInftastructure umbrella?

In related question, should we also create openinfra-discuss mail list?

Arkady Kanevsky, Ph.D.
SP Chief Technologist & DE
Dell EMC office of CTO
Dell Inc. One Dell Way, MS PS2-91
Round Rock, TX 78682, USA
Phone: 512 7204955

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