[tripleo] move os-refresh-config, os-collect-config, tripleo-ipsec to 'release-management': none

Marios Andreou marios at redhat.com
Mon Jan 11 11:59:19 UTC 2021

Hi TripleO,

you may have seen the thread started by Herve at [1] around the deadline
for making a victoria release for os-refresh-config, os-collect-config and

This message is to ask if anyone is still using these? In particular would
anyone mind if we stopped making tagged releases, as discussed at [2].
Would someone mind if there was no stable/victoria branch for these repos?

For the os-refresh/collect-config I suspect the answer is NO - at least, we
aren't using these any more in the 'normal' tripleo deployment for a good
while now, since we switched to config download by default. We haven't even
created an ussuri branch for these [3] and no one has shouted about that
(or at least not loud enough I haven't heard anything).

For tripleo-ipsec it *looks* like we're still using it in the sense that we
carry the template and pass the parameters in tripleo-heat-templates [4].
However we aren't running that in any CI job as far as I can see, and we
haven't created any branches there since Rocky. So is anyone using

Depending on the answers here and as discussed at [2] I will move to make
these as unreleased (release-management: none in openstack/governance
reference/projects.yaml) and remove the release file altogether.

For now however and given the deadline of this week for a victoria release
I am proposing that we move forward with [2] and cut the victoria branch
for these.

thanks for reading and please speak up if any of the above are important to

thanks, marios

[3] https://pastebin.com/raw/KJ0JxKPx
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