[dev][ironic] how to read ipa source code#ironic-python-agent

Julia Kreger juliaashleykreger at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 17:03:47 UTC 2021

Thanks for beating me to to reply Jeremy!

With regards to Rocky, if you can consider a newer version, I would
highly recommend it.

A few different reasons:

1) Rocky is in extended maintenance. There will not be new releases
from the Rocky branch to include new fixes.
2) There have been substantial improvements in interaction/support
with Ussuri and Victoria releases.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


On Fri, Jan 8, 2021 at 8:29 AM Jeremy Stanley <fungi at yuggoth.org> wrote:
> [Keeping you in Cc since you don't seem to be subscribed to this ML]
> On 2021-01-08 14:17:45 +0800 (+0800), Ankele zhang wrote:
> > I have an OpenStack platform on Rocky, and I used
> > Nova/Keystone/Cinder/Glance/Ceph/Ironic. Recently, I have build my
> > own ironic-python-agent deployment ramdisk and kernel images by
> > ironic-python-agent-builder, the following work is to add my
> > customized  raid configuration method to HardwareManager. Before
> > this, I want to read the ipa's source code. But I don't know where
> > is the 'main()' entry. Looking forward to your help.
> You specifically want the stable/rocky version? The
> ironic-python-agent console script entrypoint (according to the
> setup.cfg at the top of that repository) calls the run() function
> from this file:
> https://opendev.org/openstack/ironic-python-agent/src/branch/stable/rocky/ironic_python_agent/cmd/agent.py
> Hope that helps!
> --
> Jeremy Stanley

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